My mantra? Travel enriches.

Your Personal Travel Consultant

You have to get out there. 

Travel makes you. 

Travel connects you to the world around you ... to the humanity in all of us that strains to express itself in our art, dances, food, and music ... in our culture and traditions. To travel with a mind to understand is to walk a road to a higher consciousness.

In an age of unparalleled technological connection ... where, as a consequence of social media's omnipresence, we're linked by varying degrees of friendship ... I often find that what people yearn for the most is a simple and true human connection. Real connection is found on the journey, not behind a screen. My travel consulting and planning services can help you make that connection. As your personal trip planner in San Francisco, I can take the stress out of the trip and travel details, so you can be present in the moment.

Travel is your sustenance. What's more comforting than a simple, hearty meal, fresh from Nature's bounty? What calms the turmoil of our minds, frayed by constant anxiety and overstimulation, more than the ocean at night? Travel sustains us because we are always either traveling to a source of inspiration or back to it. We are either journeying to shed light on that proverbial 'dark continent' — maybe that's a place, maybe that's our own unexpressed self — or maybe we're just coming back home. Maybe we'll even be fortunate enough in our travels to find a brand new place … one that feels like home.

My words may sound jarring to some, but they’re my own and I found them on my journey. As the daughter of a diplomat, I was born in the Philippines and have had the privilege of living in 8 different countries before the age of 31.

The best travel experiences are like a fine silk blouse. It’s the quality of the craftsmanship that creates something timeless. It’s a truth I learned in my previous profession as a brand manager for top fashion companies and a boutique department store. Not everything is built to last, but with a seamstress like me as your personal trip planner in San Francisco, it’s bound to be something you cherish.

I’ve learned that not all travel experiences are built the same. 

The difference between a trip you’ll post on Instagram, but forget about the next day … and a journey that will leave you changed forever.

Journeys like … a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where you retrace the footsteps of pilgrims, crusaders, and kings all the way to Jerusalem …

Or swimming at midnight in the Maldives with the waters aglow with bioluminescent plankton …

Or looking out over a thousand-year-old bridge as countless lanterns float downstream, each one bearing the name of a departed loved one, presided over by a blood-red harvest moon…

Those are the kinds of experiences that make traveling worth it, and worth planning. Once-in-a-lifetime tailored journeys designed around what ignites your passions and fills your heart with wonder.


As your luxury personal trip planner in San Francisco, I can find you destinations and accommodations that will provide the special moments that make vacationing worth the investment. You only have so much time and so much money to dedicate to your trip — I’ll help you make the most of both with the connections I’ve made through my own travels and previous planning.

These are things to be cherished – because each comes with the realization that you’ll never be able to step into this moment again. 

Most importantly, though, my itineraries are built around you.

Maybe you’re not a silk blouse kind of person. Maybe you’re a knit-sweater-wearing adventurer, or a bikini-clad island hopper. Whatever your travel style, I look forward to designing an experience that’s the perfect fit.

If you’re ready for your very own personalized travel experience, then I invite you to connect on a complimentary consultation call.

Because here’s the truth: Spellbinding travel is a mix of planning and serendipity.

I bring the planning, the logistics, and the support.

All you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of adventure.

And when it all comes together: that’s serendipity.

Now, you’re truly living this moment.  

To life!

Meet Camille Porta

We cannot become anything without it.



I was a professional Muay Thai athlete.



I love collecting all kinds – cute, unique and traditional.



I go to the beach every chance I can get.



Makes a simple meal so hearty at day’s end.



Exploring new places by cycling is one big adventure!



 I’m going to get my PADI certification soon!



On a brisk morning or on a cold night, who can say no?



They’re so adorable! Ragdolls and Maine Coons are my favorite.



One of the best ways to relax and pamper myself.




things I'm crazy about

My Top Ten

If you’re wondering, why “Stonebridge”? Here’s the story. Japan is one of my favorite places in the world — I’m especially drawn to its ancient shrines. One such shrine is located in Fukuoka where the traveler is met by three bridges that represent the past, the present and the future. Traditional wisdom extols the virtue of mindfulness. At any given moment, you can only stand on one and you must cross one to reach the other.

To me, that’s what the travel experiences I create represent, too. Stonebridge Travel Consulting in San Francisco will delve into your past to truly understand what inspires you. This informs the present: my itineraries reflect your aspirations while my expertise frees you to indulge in the moment. This informs the future: your personalized travel experience will leave you changed in unanticipated ways that irrevocably shape you.

Now you've been enriched. Now travel has made you. 

Past, present, and future: it’s all linked through travel. You can reminisce in the past. You can dally in the present. But you can only move toward the future.

Why Stonebridge?

I’d love to chat with you to figure out if a Stonebridge travel experience is in your future!

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