Journey to Japan

Discover How Old & New Collide

Japan is a country teeming with disparate landscapes for adventurous travelers and passionate travel consultants — ultra-modern skyscrapers and ancient temples, lightning-fast trains and gently waving terraces of rice paddies. Travel consulting for a Japan trip will allow you to look beyond these dichotomies and shifts in human perspective and find that Japan is united by one thing: It’s a country begging to be explored by travelers who are open to discovery and ready to be astounded.


Sprawling Tokyo, Japan’s kinetic capital, is the world’s most populous metropolis. On arrival, you may feel your eyes adjusting to the magnitude

Outside of a hot and rainy summer, Japan is worth visiting all year round. Japan travel consulting ensures you wont miss out on cherry blossoms that stun in the spring, changing leaves leading to a colorful fall, and skiing and snow sports that are popular in the winter

An archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is made up of more than 6,000 islands providing mountains, beaches, and many other types of terrain

Japan's Fast Facts

from the observation deck of Tokyo’s Skytree, Japan’s tallest building — and the 2nd tallest skyscraper in the world.

See the nearly never-ending jumble of skyscrapers spread out before you


once Japan’s capital and today its cultural epicenter, as you wind your way through the gardens, imperial palaces, and intricate Buddhist temples that still inspire travelers to this day

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Kyoto,


—or gaze up at the snow-capped mountain from a trail around the base (it’s a grueling climb up, after all!)

Take in the iconic views afforded from the top of Mount Fuji


Can't-Miss HighlightS



and crowd the waters during Kyoto’s Obon Festival, a country-wide celebration that honors the dead.

Marvel at the brilliant white lanterns that light up the night


held every July—the floats are dragged by participants from different neighborhoods and weigh nearly a ton each, making this one tough race!

Watch colorfully decorated floats race down the streets in Fukuoka’s Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival,


 a magnet for domestic travelers and more of a hidden gem for international tourists; afterwards, explore the region’s mystical Buddhist temples, some of which date back to the 700s

Soak in the healing hot springs of Oita in southern Japan’s Riviera


— from golden fried beef balls covered in panko to rice flour dumplings grilled over a flame and smothered in a sweet, salty, sticky soy glaze

Stuff yourself full of Tokyo’s tastiest street foods


the powdered green tea said to help boost your mood and metabolism, during a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

Learn the ancient art of mixing matcha,


don’t miss the warming hot pot dishes of Kyoto, the many styles of ramen in Sapporo or the popular tonkotsu ramen from Fukuoka, and the crispy octopus dumplings called takoyaki beloved in Osaka

Discover Japan’s differences by exploring regional delicacies;



Get in touch with me for your complimentary Japan travel consulting call. Japan is hands-down one of my favorite travel destinations on earth — I can’t wait to share it with you!


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