Snorkeling in the Maldives over depthless coral cliffs.

Sipping wine with the vintner on a private winery tour in Burgundy.

Watching from the battlements of Le Mont-Saint-Michel as dawn breaks over the tidal flats.

Climbing a dimly lit path lined by thousands of wooden gates, in an ancient mountainside shrine in Kyoto, to ring in the New Year at the summit.

Tailored Travel Experiences
for Discerning Explorers

Wherever you want to go, I’ll get you there in comfort and style. When you work with Stonebridge Travel Consulting, you’ll receive:

An impeccably tailored suit, or a perfectly fitting, once-in-a-lifetime dress, has the ideal fit. Travel should be just so. It’s not just about traveling to another bucket-list destination — it’s about what you do there. Indulging in the places, faces, and experiences that fit your one-of-a-kind travel style. That’s why every trip I plan starts with a consultation call, so I can learn how to design a trip that fits you and only you.

I’m not just an online travel agent, I’m a travel consultant. The difference? When you work with my vacation consulting company in San Francisco, you’ll receive so much more than a booked-for-you trip. I’m here to share my personal activity, dining, shopping, and sightseeing recommendations, based on my own travels to over 20 countries. On top of that, you have my personal travel support — and my personal phone number — while you travel, in case any hiccups arise.


Your days are long, your time is short — which is why you need to really make your vacations count. My vacation consulting company in San Francisco will work together with you to develop an itinerary that prioritizes exceptional, intimate, and unique experiences. You’ll get access to exclusive properties, opportunities, and inclusions thanks to my highly regarded and robust luxury travel network.



How We'll Style Your Next Travel Experience


With the planning fee out of the way, I’ll begin the trip research and trip planning  in my San Francisco office. This is the part I love! You’ll receive at least two itinerary options outlining all the intricacies of your trip. We’ll work together to narrow down the options that really speak to you and make the experience unique.


We’ll first meet together on a complimentary consultation call, so you can tell me all about the kind of trip you’re envisioning and you can see the type of agent and expertise you’re working with. I won’t stop until I fully understand your travel style and unique needs.


Next, I’ll book every component of your trip for you, from flights and hotels to tours, transfers, and any extra trip booking special requests you may have, such as reservations at one of the city’s top restaurants.


Equipped with the curated destination recommendations from my San Francisco based vacation consulting company, you’ll take off for your personalized travel experience! You’ll also be able to contact me via phone or email in case any travel hiccups arise — like a missed flight connection — so I can take care of it for you.

My goal is for you to not have to worry about a thing.

My goal is to completely free you to just live in the moment.

I'll be the first to admit — my San Francisco company’s trip planning services are not for everyone. They're for travelers yearning for experiences that are both truly immersive and unique. They're for vacation travelers who want a trusted expert in travel itinerary design to take care of all the details, big and small, so they can simply show up and delight in discovery.

I have a feeling that might be you. If so, I invite you to connect with me on a complimentary consultation call, so we can start designing your next one-of-a-kind journey.

Let's start designing


By some serendipity, I encountered Camille Porta of Stonebridge Travel Consulting. She rebooked everything. She remade the itinerary based on what I was interested in. I wound up extending my stay in France and the U.K. by an extra month.

Camille really understood how important this trip was for me. She really took the time to listen to what I wanted and needed out of this one-in-a-lifetime trip. She also understood the demands of my lifestyle and how these could be answered even while travelling abroad.

I will always go to STC and consider them a part of my life now. They truly understand me and what travel means to me.


Jorge Francisco

When I retired from my sports career of over a decade, I wanted to reward myself with a two-month long luxury trip through Europe. Though I had visited most of its capitals in my youth, I wanted to experience France, Italy, Spain and the U.K. anew. My family travel agent arranged for me to stay in 4 to 5-star accommodations, and prescribed some generic activities in the itinerary she presented me with.

I immediately saw and felt the incompatibility of the accommodations and itinerary with my lifestyle. I was not centrally located, when being in the heart of the city is the only way to enjoy any of the European capitals. Hotel gyms, sparsely outfitted, were woefully inadequate for an active, athletic lifestyle.

I was even able to reconnect with my distant relatives in a private reunion. From them, I was able to learn more about my family, their history, their legacy and what that they have done for the people of Kurume. Through my travels, I was introduced to all these wonderful cultural traditions: the festivals, the seasonal delicacies, the indigenous arts, music and dances of my culture. I even learned how to make matcha, which is traditional Japanese tea.

It was truly an authentic and immersive trip. I really felt so welcomed by a culture I never knew, felt such warmth from the people of my hometown and I cannot wait to bring my siblings along to experience Japan as I did.

"I was able to learn more about my family, their history, their legacy"

Helen Ishibashi

I wanted to reconnect with my culture and heritage. I wanted to visit my hometown and my father’s grave. However, I was daunted by the language barrier and worried about travelling alone in my advanced age. During my first meeting with Camille Porta of Stonebridge Travel Consulting, I voiced this concern to her, and she really listened and clearly took it to heart.

Camille was able to secure the services of a private guide who, throughout my trip, assisted me with everything from all communications with locals, to facilitating a special visit to my hometown as well as finding the exact temple where my father’s ashes reposed in our ancestors’ vault.

Kind words from clients