Down Under Adventure

Discover Australia's Coastal Cool & Rugged Wilderness

How to sum up Australia? The Down Under continent is all breathtaking beaches and glittering cities, off-road adventures and artisan wine tastings, cosmopolitan cafés and colorful coral reefs. In short — you simply can’t sum up Australia in a few words. You must experience it for yourself. Our Australia based travel consulting services can make this experience possible.


When should you jet off to Australia? It depends on what you want to see — mild weather and a calendar full of events make summer a great time to head to southern cities like Sydney and Melbourne, while it’s better to spend autumn or spring in the Outback and hot northern coastal regions. Travel consulting for Australia can help with these choices.

Known for its unusual, and sometimes dangerous, wildlife, Australia is home to more than 750 different species of reptiles — more than any other country in the world

Clocking in at 2.97 million square miles, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world — and the only country to double as a continent. It’s a must for travel enthusiasts.

Australia's Fast Facts

the largest coral reef on earth—so colossal, you can even see it from space!

Submerge yourself in a breathtaking underwater world as you snorkel through the Great Barrier Reef,


the massive sandstone monolith sacred to indigenous Australians; go during sunrise to see how the otherworldly rock seems to glow from within as the day’s first rays hit it.

Stand in awe of Uluru,


where you can stroll from sublime beaches to the instantly recognizable Sydney Opera House all in one day 

Soak up the cosmopolitan cool of capital city Sydney,


on an Outback expedition to uncover Australia’s wild side; spy kangaroo, crocodile, dingos, and more on your guided Jeep adventure

Slather on the sunscreen and head deep into the bush 


Can't-Miss HighlightS



on Australia’s eastern coast; come for the renowned beaches, but stay for the seaside yoga sessions, chic restaurant scene, and unbeatable sunsets

Experience the blissed-out boho vibe of Byron Bay


a dreamy collection of islands sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef

sail through the impossibly clear and calm turquoise waters of The Whitsundays,


stopping at golden beaches for a surf lesson and marveling at the incredible rock formations that dot the rugged coast

Wind your way down Victoria’s Great Ocean Road,


considered Australia’s coffee capital, Melbourne offers up artisan cafés on nearly every corner

Order a flat white in a cute Melbourne café,


—to discover a few of the outstanding wine regions strewn throughout Australia; don’t miss the Barossa Valley, the beating heart of Aussie viniculture, known for producing bold Shiraz

Head out on the trail—the wine trail, that is


the island just off Australia’s southern coast that’s proving to be a haven for major foodies; there are plenty of breweries and whiskey and gin distilleries to stop in, too!

indulge in farm-fresh produce and just-caught seafood in Tasmania,



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