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We design luxury travel experiences and trip planning for Kyoto, Japan, created around your desires by San Francisco’s Stonebridge Travel Consulting. Let’s talk about you and your passions!

You’re not just a tourist.
You’re a traveler.

We create one-of-a kind travel experiences tailored to match your travel style and soothe your soul, all while satisfying your curiosities with activities that will ignite a fire within you!
I’m Camille Porta, the luxury travel consultant behind Stonebridge Travel Consulting. Welcome! I’m not a vacation planner. I create luxury travel itineraries designed specifically for my elite clientele. From luxury trip planning for Kyoto, Japan, to anywhere in the world—I’ll create the luxury travel experience your heart yearns for and your soul craves!

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I’m Camille

Hello, I’m Camille! Busy professionals deserve travel experiences that take them away from their daily grind. Skip the anxiety and stress of planning your next getaway. As your luxury travel consultant for your Kyoto trip, I focus on custom travel itineraries for people whose careers or home life keeps them occupied. You deserve more than a vacation made with a few mouse clicks.

As a luxury travel consultant, Stonebridge Travel Consulting has inside knowledge about those locations that separate a custom-designed travel experience from a hastily booked vacation. I am here to be the luxury travel agent for your Kyoto trip. I’ll find the destinations and activities that match your style and interests, making sure your experience is worth every bit of your time, money, and energy.

Modern technological advancements mean we can accomplish almost anything we want with a few clicks on a keyboard. But knowing how to make a reservation isn’t the same as really experiencing what it’s like to immerse yourself in the traditions of another culture. Sometimes, we have to step away from the screen, put our phones away, and be in the moment. Feel the adrenaline rush. Sink our feet in the sand. Breathe the cool mountain air. Venture outside your comfort zone and soak up every minute of a new, eye-opening experience! To truly enjoy the moment, you have to be present within it. Don’t be a spectator to your own vacation—get out there and live every moment of it!

We’ll never appreciate the world around us if we don’t open ourselves to the possibilities and realities only a custom-designed travel itinerary provides. To be human means to seek connections with others. Wherever you reside in the world, open your heart and your mind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences that create memories you’ll never forget. Let me be your luxury trip planner for your Kyoto trip, and beyond. A tailored travel experience from Stonebridge Travel Consulting is exactly what your heart and soul needs to nourish that connection… but you have to take the first step!


 Leave the planning of your next luxury vacation to Camille and Stonebridge Travel Consulting, and get ready to immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime!

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